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Astrology Readings  

Build Healthy Relationship

Learn About Your True Self

Астрология значение

Astrology is more than a Weekly Horoscope.

I'm Astrologer and a specialist in human relationships. I help with dedication and support in overcoming difficulties. I notice the outdated and non-functional behavior patterns in the first meeting and I pay special attention to inherited burdens.

Astrology Reading will explain you the influences in your natal chart and why you have deviated from the path in search for answers.

What is your key potential, what are weaknesses you project in the partnerships and what is blocking your career development?

I will help you regain your confidence and overcome your fears!


Astrology Blog is full of articles about upcoming New Moon, Full Moon, Weekly Horoscope, Monthly Horoscope and important astrology cycles.

натална карта значение

Natal chart reveals how the current planet position affect your life and which areas are up for review. Are you ready to follow where you are headed?

партньорски отношения в астрологията

What are your partnership needs? What is your attracting mechanism or repelling behavior in relationships with others? What battles for supremacy do you wage, according to your natal chart?